Project CERIS

Frequently asked questions

Is this just another Gacha game?

No, Project CERIS is completely gameplay and story oriented. While we will have rarities among units, units themselves will all be balanced ignoring rarity, and drop rates will be extremely lenient.

What will the Campaign be like?

The campaign will initially be PvE based off of our lore's chapters, which will continuously be expanded on by our lore & story writing team. We plan to shift the campaign into PvPvE, where player actions and interactions can influence the unfolding story of the game.

What will the Competitive PvP be like?

The PvP will consist of ranked and unranked modes, and both of these modes will use the same MatchMaking Rating (MMR) of the player’s account. The game will receive monthly and seasonal patches to keep the gameplay balanced and fresh.

What platforms will the Game be available on?

The game will be available on PC (Steam) and Android during our Alpha runs, with Mac & ios being supported by the end of the open beta phase.

When will open Beta be available?

Open beta will launch during the last quarter of 2019.

What Regions will be available?

Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, and Spanish will be available as language options in all regions during the Open Beta, while Regional servers will be launched where necessary.