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A World of Magic and

In our hubris, we thought we had created our own salvation.

For nearly a quarter of a century we fought, consuming everything we could in the engines of total war. In the aftermath, everlasting peace felt achievable.

We were exhausted and depleted, but not broken. We had just begun to finish burying our dead and rebuilding our cities.

We turned to our own creations to save us; machines invented to gather the most precious resource of all: Cerisium.

It is 1941. In our hubris, we had created our own destruction.

Boeing B-29 Superfortress
Manufacturer:Read Transcontinental
Height:177 cm
Weight:59 kg
Douglas DB-7 Havoc I
Manufacturer:Rosie and Ruby
Height:174 cm
Weight:56 kg
Fokker Dreidecker Eins
Manufacturer:Kaiserliche Luftfahrtfabriken
Height:181 cm
Weight:73 kg
Mitsubishi A6M5c Hei
Manufacturer:Taiheyo Aviation
Height:154 cm
Weight:46 kg
Sukhoi Su-6 M-71(S2A)
Height:171 cm
Weight:62 kg

Major Factions

Afallach Empire

The United Kingdom of Afallach and Inisfáil

The Afallach Empire, officially The United Kingdom of Afallach and Inisfáil, is a globe-spanning colonial empire centred on the Afallachian Isles off the west coast of Gothicaria. While the empire is vast and constitutes of many races, Afallachian society favours Humans and Cathasaigh above all else. As the birthplace of the cerisium revolution, Afallach itself is heavily polluted with mana, and is home to mutated and hostile flora and fauna. Afallachian mainlanders are used to living in densely populated cities, powered by the advanced magitech that Afallach leads the world in.

The Great Empire Of Toushima


The Great Empire of Toushima, formally 大十洲帝国 (Dai Toushima / Ootoushima Teikoku), or known outside Toushima as Peria, is an insular and traditionalist island nation on the eastern fringe of the Pacific Ocean, holding a number of islands in the Pacific and portions of the neighbouring Eurasian mainland. Human-supremacist to the point of excluding any non-human or human-derived species from their army or government, Toushiman nobility are largely Shinjin; an artificially evolved, long-lived human species that possess towering intellect and magical abilities. Toushiman magic is unique, split into two classes of outward spellcasting and inward body reinforcement, and their brutal, yet graceful technology has developed from their philosophies.

United Reich of Hermundia

Vereinigtes Reich von Hermundia

The United Reich of Hermundia, or Vereinigtes Reich von Hermundia, is the leading power on the subcontinent of Gothicaria; highly militaristic and advanced, their raw technological might surpasses the rest of the world. A patriarchal society built on the duty to the nation, loyalty to the Kaiser, and providing for one’s family, Hermundia is a human supremacist nation, although it is one of the western nations most amicable towards elves. Hermundia’s ambition once again looks beyond their borders, for their technologically advanced military supported by their runic magic makes them a force to be reckoned with.

United States of Amteric

United States of Amteric

The United States of Amteric, situated on the continent of North Amteric, is the second largest nation in the world, and considered the most powerful democratic nation in the world. With a society valuing individual freedom, personal security, prosperity, and happiness, Amteric is a diverse and highly populous and industrialised nation. While known for their capacity in mass-producing sturdy and reliable equipment incorporating both mechanical and magical innovations, the implementation of such technology often takes years of wading through the bureaucratic mire that Amteric institutions are infamous for.

United Volkhvov Socialist Republics

Союз Волхвов Социалистических Республик

The United Volkhvov Socialist Republics, formally Союз Волхвов Социалистических Республик (Soyuz Volkhvov Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik), often shortened to ‘UVSR’, is a young nation born out of revolution and civil war from the old Tsardom of Muscovy covering the vast northern area of Eurasia. The only communist power in the world, the nation’s policy of ‘World Revolution’ put them at odds with almost every other great power. After undergoing a massive shift from an agricultural nation to an industrial nation, UVSR technology and magic both appear crude in application, but it is no less potent than that of other nations, as Volsheviks take a staunch ‘function over form’ approach to technological and magical advances.